For ultimate home energy efficiency, the Halcyon Mini-Split Heating and Cooling System is the best option. Eliminate the need for bulky ductwork and one inefficient central system by utilizing multiple discreet or hidden units to control the temperature of each zone of your property. The Halcyon system works for both cooling and heating your home, providing optimal comfort year-round.

Individual Zone Control

With one outdoor unit, you can control up to five individual indoor unites all via remote control. Heat one room without affecting another, providing the specific climate needed to suit each space. The Halcyon system works quietly to provide you with your desired temperature and can be easily concealed or mounted conspicuously on the wall or floor.

Increased Energy Efficient

Save money and reduce wasted energy by controlling the temperature in each room separately. The Halcyon Mini-Split Heating and Cooling System can save up to 30% on your utility bill, eliminating the need for one unit to work overtime to heat or cool the entire property.

The Flexibility You Want

Halcyon is a year-round solution to your residential and light commercial temperature needs! Providing efficient heating and cooling depending on the season, you won’t need to install multiple systems to get the job done. Already have an outdated unit? We can retrofit it with the Halcyon Mini-Split system! Once installed, you can rest easy as Halcyon systems are low maintenance.

As an elite Fujitsu dealer, Blalock Heating and Air offers our customers a 12-year warranty, as opposed to the standard 10 years. Call one of our teammates today for more information!