Air Stage

air stage

With the push of a button, easily control the temperature of each different zone of your commercial property and reap the benefits of exceptional energy efficiency! With a single outdoor unit and up to 20 indoor units, you decide how much heating or cooling each separate zone will need. The Air Stage Variable Refrigerant Flow System operates quietly, moderated by individual remotes in separate zones which provide features suited to meet different needs.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

If your property already has an HVAC system in place, the Air Stage can easily be retrofitted into place to take over and increase your energy efficiency. Once installed, Air Stage is low maintenance and user friendly. Program specific off times and a variety of settings from each remote control.

Automated with Intelligence

For ultimate efficiency, control indoor climates depending on the time of day and season. Program a schedule into your Air Stage system to track the progression of the sun and compensate by altering the temperature depending on when it hits each separate zone throughout the day.

Blalock Heating & Air offers professional installation, service, and maintenance for Air Stage VRF systems as well as a 10-year warranty! Give us a call today for more information.